We all can agree that pickle juice is reccomended by many as a great solution for relieving cramps!  But before you consider this as your solution … Consider the HEATLH RISKS THAT CAN BE ASSOCIATED WITH DRINKING PICKLE JUICE!
People love pickles and lately I see people praising it’s use for athletes to control cramps.   Ane it is widely gaining a reputation for use as a health benefit and remedie!

These include:

  • Post-workout drink
  • Work out drink for cramps to enhance performance
  •  flavoring for food and drinks
  • Brine meat with it
  • Aid for Hiccups, PMS. Heart Burn, & Hang Overs!
  • or you may just like pickles!

But before drinking it … this is what you should know about Pickle Juice …

Most are made using Table salt is used as a preservative!
2.5% of Table salt is made up of anti-caking and flow agents. Often, such agents include dangerous chemicals like ferrocyanide and aluminosilicate.

Many contain Sodium Benzoate:  Is a preservative which has been linked to cancer.

Many contain Calcium chloride: : The US FDA deems calcium chloride (CaCl2) to be “generally recognized as safe”, but in some other countries it is deemed a hazardous irritant which “causes irritation to skin, eyes and respiratory organs” and it carries the warning “Harmful if inhaled or swallowed.”  Note: The term “natural flavoring” has been used to mask a number of unhealthy ingredients and there are over 1000 ingredients that fall under the U.S. FDA guidelines as “Natural Flavors”

Polysorbate 80: Polysorbate 80 is used as an emulsifier in food items and is also a common ingredient in vaccines.

Yellow #5: Yellow #5 is a food coloring agent which is also known as “Tartrazine” which belongs to the large class of food dyes known as “azo” dyes. Yellow 5 causes the most allergic reactions of all of the azo dyes on the market.

Learn more Read: Natural News article by Tony Issacs