Most athletes have the same  objectives to improve their physique or their performance and use the similar approaches to accomplish these objectives!



Many share the same objective to build lean and strong and muscle!

Endurance athletes concentrate on building and conditioning their Type l or slow twitch or red muscle cells.

Power athletes (sprinters, powerlifters, bodybuilders) focus on their Type lla & Type llb or fast twitch or white muscle cells which experience hypertrophy or increase in size!



Many share the objective of reducing excess body fat.

Athletes function best at their Power to Weight Ratio.  This is a function of the power that they can generate measure in watts verses the load that they are carrying in body weight measured in pounds!  In endurance, it is a predictor of performance!  Accelerating mass particularly up hills, over obstacles or moving apparatus take power ( the more mass, the more power it takes)!

Excess weight can be discussed in terms of visceral fat (typically around the midsection that surrounds organs) which causes disease and creates an unhealthy condition.  And it can also be discussed in terms of subcutaneous fat (between the skin and the muscle) which hides definition and is access weight that athletes must carry that has a negative impact on performance.

Fat stores are often the bodies attempt to protect itself.  If you cannot rid yourself of toxins, your body encapsulates them in fat molecules and stores them in your fat stores to protect your vital organs!

Regardless of your individual goals of strengthening muscles or reducing body fat, to improve your physique or performance similar methods are employed!



  1. Progress resistance training, cross training, and developing core strength.
  2. Sports specific aerobic and Sports specific anaerobic training and methodology.
  3. Performance Building Nutrition. Your nutrition will help you or hinder you!

All three are equally important.  All three must be incorporated into your training plans.  All must be allotted the time and effort and prioritized based on your schedule and life demands!

We all have genetic gifts and flaws, strengths which must be emphasized, weaknesses which must be developed and strengthened, and areas that we have a keen understanding of and areas where we are lacking sufficient knowledge.

Understand that all three of these crucial disciplines are steeped in the latest scientific methodology and practices to get the best results in the most efficient manner and produced by the best minds in the world.

Tailoring it to you, your current state of development, your lifestyle, your assets and based on your goals is priceless!

Regardless of how often or hard you train, a great starting place is eating to allow your body to be in an optimal healthy state and fuel your body to perform at its best!   Insure your body can remove harmful toxins the predispose you to build fat with soothing Nutritional cleansing.  Insure your body gets the proper ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, & Fiber, 60 Essential Micro Nutrients, 11 Amino Acids, 2 Essential Fatty Acids, 13 Vitamins, 21 Minerals, 7 Enzymes, and 6 Probiotics with nutritional replenishment.  This will give you the best shot at securing your body will be healthy and stand up to rigorous training.

This is the first requirement to work your hardest, recover fully between workouts, and rid yourself of access body fat!



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