In 2016,

I re-dedicate myself to LIVING the WELLNESS triangle with myself and teach others who want positive change, the importance of doing it in their lives!!

Much like bad relationships, many bad food companies only continue to market and sell what people continue to put up with!
These problems can all go away, when you raise your personal standards …
Here are mine:   No GMO, No Soy, Organic Only, No products treated with antibiotics (produce or livestock/fish/poultry), hormones, No farm raised fish, No large deep swimming wild caught fish, Only free range poultry, No denatured whey products, No or very low sodium, avoid alcohol, No high fructose corn syrup, No Hydrated oils, saturated oils, no carbonated products, avoid nightshades, no chemically enhanced food to preserve it, low caffeine 80 -160 mg daily (organic blended with green tea extract, trace  minerals to neutralize acidity) with coconut oil , poorly processed food to increase its profitability, No Hidden high glycemic sugary foods, no artificial sweeteners, and I avoid doing business with food companies that do not honor my commitment!
I value Probiotics, prebiotics, chelation with enzymes, high fiber, and seek to get  a proper ratio of proteins, carbohydrates & fats (40%Carbs, 30% protein, 30% fats), & Fiber (used with protein to lower glycemic index), the 60 Essential Micro Nutrients, 11 Amino Acids, 2 Essential Fatty Acids, 13 Vitamins, 21 Minerals, 7 Enzymes, 6 Probiotics.
I believe exercise is vital … anaerobic, aerobic, and flexibility!

I believe that developing your mind is an ongoing process effected by your 5 greatest influences, the laws of attraction, your thought processes (the manner in which you think), and most importantly what you say!
My base question is what am I building …
You improve yourself most by improving the lives of the people around you or within your sphere of influence.
I believe you must surround yourself with people who are making a difference, and committed to the same or similar ideals that you are!
I believe you should live within your passions and as defined by your curiosities!
I believe you should be open to examining your beliefs and they will change as you learn and grow!

And I believe:









I live a wonderful inspired Life and my greatest days are yet to come and only as far away I can invision!