Last week blog featured the Statement …

Week 63 Building the HABIT of I Don’t Eat That!

It is a statement designed to take a personal stand, particularly in what could be compromising social situations that serve or display food in conflict with your nutritional goals. At a restaurant … You tell your waiter not to bring you the bread or chips because “I don’t Eat that”. At a party, you decline the cheese-grits because “I don’t Eat that”. At an event, you ask for your portion prepared plain because, “I don’t eat that”. This statement publicly strengthens your resolve to stick to your meal plan. It strengthen your resolve rather than weakens it because you gave in to temptation. You should eat just before and just after these events the foods that are on your meal plan as to never face these pre-planned situations hungry!

In the long run … Motivation does not serve you … The Habits that you build sustain you!

This week we look at another key statement that can becomes a tool.


It is aimed at the famous cheat meal. The “ACCEPTION” YOU DECISE TO MAKE!  The acceptation that sets you back on your way to your building iron clad HABITS and not propel you toward building iron clad HABITS.. The unhealthy or goal destroying food items you reward yourself with. The food items you keep yourself craving and desiring. The food items you will not let you palette distance itself from! The … I have been good all week so I deserve mentality. Sunday is a cheat meal, cheat day, etc. … you get it! These behaviors are HABIT breakers, not HABIT Builders.

Recognize that your palate or what you desire and crave is a HABIT and a choice. We develop and chose to keep them or let them die! These are decisions you make built and reinforced by you!

Four of the seven distinct LAWS OF THE MIND that come into play here!

Law of Substitution

We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind think about something else instead.


Law of Practice

Practice makes perfect. The 5Ps – Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance.


Law of Dual Thought

Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.


Law of Growth

Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.


If we allow ourselves to put off cravings for foods that do not serve our goals, we are still keeping them alive and they continues to thrive within us! Use it or lose it is the theme here! Chose to lose it! If we use it … you will still crave it & desire it! You are not allowing other foods … foods on your plan to take their place. You are not practicing saying NO to these food items. You are not focused on the great foods that move us toward our goals. We are not letting your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings toward these foods, behaviors around these foods, and subsequent results we achieve long term, build new HABITS, but keep your old HABITS alive, strong and in control.


Let the desires and cravings for these food items that take you away from your goals die within you and replace them with those that move you toward your goals.



It punishes your health … It slows you down on the way to your goals …  The building materials you are working on the manufacture new and improved cells is compromised … Compromising DESTROYS rather than BUILDS great HABITS.

Food items containing SALT, SUGAR, MSG, ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS, FATS (fried or fatty foods), CAFFEINE, AND ALCOHOL cause the brain to produce dopamine. This is our own home grown drug of addiction and keeps us addicted to and craving certain foods.

Toxic foods are life taking and eating them robs rather than builds our health.

Many foods grown or prepared in a manner that threatens rather than preserve our health. The motive is to keep you craving and buying these products and not grow or prepared in a manner that secures or strengthens your health.

Foods grown or prepared in a manner that will make them abundant and cheap are typically not foods that preserves, secures or strengthens our health.