Ever notice that Professional riders warm up on their trainers with cotton in their noses before races!


This is why!
Using  an inhalant decongestant OLBAS OIL (www.olbas.com) resolves two issues:

  1. Riders with runny noses can be uncomfortable during group rides! Snot rockets are the solution, but can be difficult if not unpleasant in a peloton, paceline or crowded group!
  2. Riders must be able to breathe efficiently

Stop the runny noses and breathe more efficiently with this trick used by elite cyclist!

You can use a menthol oil, I like Olbas Oil to open up (decongest) nasal passages to permit more effective breathing.   Put five to ten drops of Olbas Oil on a cotton ball, then pull it apart into two halves.  I then gently without packing too tightly, place one half into each nostril until moments prior to activity.  Cotton balls should be loose enough in the nostril to allow for breathing, yet secure enough that they remain in the nostril without support.  The cotton balls should be placed in the openings of the nostrils for ten to fifteen minutes.

Note:  Nose breathe through cotton.  The cotton should not be packed so densely that it prevents inhalation or exhalation through the nose). Inside the nose, the doused cotton serves to distribute the oil vapors throughout the nasal cavity.

ALSO … Between the thumb & forefinger of cycling gloves are terry cloth patches.  Place a couple of drops of the oil on the terry cloth of their cycling gloves and inhale it during the ride as needed!

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