After am FASTING AEROBICS … your body requires you to replenish used calories (YOU WILL BE HUNGRY).

You want to avoid easily digested simple sugars that will enter your bloodstream quickly and signals the metabolism to slow down.  Instead, put in calories that require a longer digestive process (COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES).  By doing this, the brain will actually help you get the calories it required that are not coming into your system fast enough by pulling additional calories out of your fat stores.  This keeps your metabolism moving faster!


  1. Night before … Put water and steel cut oats in a pot. (see instructions) add more of less water to get desired texture
  2. Bring to a rapid boil and then turn off & leave on stove top overnight.
  3. Heat slightly in morning and eat.
  4. I like to add tablespoons of:
    1. pumpkin seeds
    2. Sunflower seeds
    3. Hemp seed Hearts
    4. Stevia  to taste

NOTE:  avoid adding milks (including healthier milks including soy, coconut, flax, almond, yogurts), sugars, syrups, molasses, artificial sweeteners, peanut butters, almond butters, and all fruit … especially dried fruit.  These all speed up the rate the carbs enter the blood stream and this will slow down your metabolism.
Enjoy …