Cornering11.   Cornering

Head over Inside Hood

Look Direction you Want Bike to Go

Outside Leg push straight

Inside Knee Outward — in Direction of Turn

Outside Arm Straight Pushing Bike Outward


2.  Descending

Level Pedals

Butt off of Seat on Shorter Descents
(Push Butt Backward as far as comfortable)

Butt on Seat on Longer Descents

Head Down, Hands in Drops

Lower body by dropping elbows downward.



3.  Hands Forward on Top of Hoods

Most Control Shifting

Most Control Braking

Disadvantage … Up-right Riding Position

Standard Riding Position

       Hand … on Hoods Front or Rear,

       Hands Middle of Handlebars
       Less control Shifting
Less control Braking
Disadvantage … Even More Up-right

     Hands … Split Finger on Hoods Pistol Grip (fingers split brake lever)

     Hands in drops


Indoor climb4

4.  Standing Indoors

Stand Shifting Weight Backward

Stand Up-right Over Pedals

Lightly Touch Handlebars with Finger Tips

Outdoor climb rythem ride5

5a.  Standing Outdoors  

Pull on Handlebars with Each Pedal

Shift Weight to Down Stroke Pedal

Find a Rhythm with Hands and Weight Shift  (riding Tempo)

5b. Standing climbing 

Same as 5a with hands on on shifter hoods or on handle bars either side of stem

Riding Drops6

6.  Hands in Drops

Most Control of Bike

Low Center of Gravity

Very Aerodynamic

Riding Hoods7

7.  Hands Gripping around Top of Shifters

Low Center of Gravity

Very Aerodynamic

Disadvantage … Less Control Braking … Less Control Shifting
Must move hands to do either!


8.  Sprinting

Lean Forward Head over Stem

Head Down Toward Handle bars

Hands in Drops Pulling Hard

Allow Bike to Go Back and Forth as you pedal