Advice I would give my younger self

If I could go back 10 years and give myself advice … I would have slapped myself when I first said … “I BASICALLY EAT HEALTHY”.

I would challenge myself to seek answers … to change!

Here is some of the advice I would give my younger self:     

  • Look in the mirror … is this the person you imagined you would be!
  • Healthy does not look like that!
  • So your answer is to ride 150+ miles/week … and that will be enough … You can’t out run (ride) your fork!
  • That 10″ of visceral fat around your waist is going to land you in the hospital emergency room exactly 4 years from now!
  • Your Dr is telling you this level is high, these enzymes are low, but that is normal for you … that is crazy.  You should ask “what is the best way to get these health indicators back to levels that are within the limits of healthy people.
  • When your health fails … nothing else you are doing will matter or be important!
  • It’s not just about losing weight … It’s about losing the mindset that got you here!
  • Re-evaluate the building materials (nutrients) that you are putting into your body!
  • Put the same energy into fueling your body and keeping it healthy as you do training it keeping it fit!
  • As hard as you are working … You deserve to look and feel so much better!
  • It’s not as complicated as you are making it!