Evaluating and improving your WELLNESS (health) or ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE have similar processes.  It is not JUST about how you feel, but how your MEASURABLE STATISTICS IMPROVE.

Your Doctor gives you measures of your body’s statistics as your health indicators, most often those associated with Metabolic Syndrome risk factors.  These are a group of risk factors that raise your risk for heart disease and other health problems, such as diabetes and stroke. These risk factors can increase your risk for health problems even if they’re only moderately raised (borderline-high risk factors).  Most of the metabolic risk factors have no signs or symptoms, however a large waistline is a visible sign.  Non-visible symptoms can include:

  • high blood pressure
  • elevated triglycerides
  • high blood sugar
  • High cholesterol


Athletic Wellness is measured by your athletic accomplishments.  These are based on setting and achieving measurable performance goals.

THE OLD MODEL OF BOTH HEALTH AND ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE listed out your problems (or symptoms) and developed a plan as needed to correct issues!  IF you are not achieving your objectives, you are not doing enough.  Hopefully this results in improvement but always makes it your fault when you are not getting desired results.  BOTTOM LINE: YOU ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH making achievement discouraging!

THE NEWER MODEL OF HEALTH AND ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS follows a slightly different tract.  The best minds in wellness and sports coaching are using a trend analysis model for developing training plans and ensuring continued improvement.


trend analysis

You list out the many facets involved with excellent performance that are mastered by the most successful in their field of endeavor.  NOT JUST THE INDICATORS OF POOR PERFORMANCE.

Instead of looking at the SHORT COMINGS, you look at where the TREND of that factor is going.  Is it improving, staying the same or getting worse?  THIS IS WHERE THE TREND CHART COMES IN!

How you are CURRENTLY PERFORMING WITHIN EACH PERFORMANCE FACTOR is “0” (No change) whether you are at a world class level or a beginner.

Next, you ask yourself if WHAT YOU ARE DOING is moving you in the direction of +10  (TRENDING BLUE) improving or -10 (TRENDING RED) getting worse.  If what you are doing is improving or moving in the BLUE direction OR If what you are doing is moving in the Red direction.

This makes the DAY TO DAY TRAINING DECISIONSDAY TO DAY NUTRITIONAL DESISIONS …  DAY TO DAY HEALTH DESISIONS a lot easier.  Is what I’m doing allowing me to get better or worse … Is It moving me toward my goal or away from my goal.  Is what I’m doing productive as shown by results or not helping me … moving me forward or backward … toward my goals or not towards my goals.




DURING FAILURE OR OPPOSITION … You now have a better question than ” I SUCK” or “Why am I failing?” or “Why can’t I succeed?”  Your question becomes, “Faced with this situation, what does a successful person do?”

And a REALLY COOL PART … the answers

You don’t have to solve the “What should I do NEXT?” issue. You simply ask people that have demonstrated knowledge and abilities in the area that you want to be successful “What should I do to have what I want?” …”Get back on track?”

More importantly, the best question to ask if you have the courage …


You will find yourself asking better questions, getting better answers and in the process, building a team of people to support you and assist you. These knowledgeable and results achieving answers will come from a group of like-minded people who have achieved the success that you want and will support your journey.