Our government resists regulating labelling and deceptive labelling is more the norm than the exception.  Regulations are seldom enforced or inspected.  Many of our foods contain harmful substances that are banned in other countries, but our government asked our food producers to voluntarily comply.  The producers of our food have greater loyalties to their stock holders than to the recipients of the food that will increase the likelihood of disease and rob you of quality of life!

Our food producers are word smiths and anytime you read a food label you are trusting that the information it contains is accurate, but this is not always the case. Further, even if the information is accurate it may be intentionally misleading. Here are some of the top deceptive terms to watch out for.

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I have set specific standards for my food and you can imagine the difficulty in holding to these standards.  That is why I chosse to deal with a company that has integrity and has my personal interests for health and prosperity above their needs for increased profits.

Here is my standards … and it is very tricky to enforce these!
It is impossible when other people prepare your food!

I avoid ingesting these foods and doing business with companies that use these products in their food to increase their profit at the cost of my health.

  1. No GMO Foods
  2. No Soy
  3. As Organic as possible (We all get screwed by government                           standards on things labels organic)
  4. No Antibiotics
  5. No Hormones
  6. Organic Grass Fed Only … (no Corn Fed Meat)
  7. No Farm raised Fish
  8. No Large wild caught fish
  9. Only poultry raised ethically
  10. No denatured whey or fruit drinks
  11. No or very low sodium:
  12. Avoid as much as possible addictive substances:
    Alcohol, Caffeine, Nicotine. Sugar, Salt, MSG, Fats, Artificial Sweeteners, Fried Foods
  1. No High fructose corn syrup
  2. No Hydrated oils
  3. Avoid Saturated oils
  4. Minimal/No Preservatives … Nitrates added
  5. No caffeine from GMO coffee only
  6. No artificial sweeteners
  7. Products packaged with BPA

I am suspicious of foods labeled:

Diet, LOW FAT, Natural, All Natural, cage-free, free-roaming, free-range, Real, Immune Support, Bone Health, 100% of Daily Value Vitamin C, Excellent Source of Calcium, Heart Healthy, whole Grain, Sugar Free, Fat Free, Reduced Sugar, Reduced Fat, No Nitrates added, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No artificial flavors, GMO Free, made with Organic,