b2c069a41564325c845bf3cfb2e3b48eI find TV shows are inundated with food commercials, particularly during the evening.

I end up craving whatever commercial agenda they are pushing sometimes for days afterward.  After 10 or 12 Pizza commercials cravings are definitely triggered!

In an article written by Lara McGlashan, Fitness editor for Oxygen Magazine:

“A study from researches from Dartmouth College’s Department of Psychological and Brain Science found out that TV food commercials activated the brains of overweight teenagers in the areas that control pleasure, taste, and mouth.

When watching these commercials, the brains reward circuitry releases dopamine and other chemicals that give pleasure and may lead to addictive behavior associated with eating bad food and contribute to obesity, according to researchers.  This could make losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight more difficult as an adult.”

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Two statements I work diligently to live by:

  • I don’t eat that! (foods that harm my health and performance))
  • I eat according to my goals (foods that promote my health and performance)

This makes total sense.  I notice a difference when I watch live TV versus DVR where I skip the commercials.   I guess this season I will watch shows with a 20-30 minute delay or the next day so I can skip ads that are harmful to the lifestyle I work so diligently to live!