Are all Antioxidants the same?

Big buzz word in the fitness industry has become ANTIOXIDANTS!
Manufacturers put a few vitamins in somthing and sell you on it;s antioxidant capabilities!
You might think that they are all the same …  Everyone is using this from vitamin sales to juices to be the magic bullet!  But what they don’t share is they all do not work the same way to protect your body from oxidative stress harming it!


Truth is that antioxidants work in a variety of ways to support your health … and depending on their function, they can help your body in different ways!  What antioxidant you take can just target your LIVER, your HEART, your SKIN, or your BRAIN!

We all know essential antioxidants vitamins such as C, E, & A!
But there are also many, many antioxidants that are found in plants including vegetable, spices and herbs.
Different antioxidants can work in different places on your body and even different locations within your cells.

For example CoQ10 is a powerful important antioxidants that works in the mitochondria or energy producing center of cells and is especially concentrated in the Heart, Kidneys, and Brain.  It is also important for muscle function.  And you need the right kind and amount of CoQ10 in your supplement to truly benefit from its antioxidant properties.

Some antioxidants are powerful enough to BOOST special enzymes that target oxidative stress.  These enzymes are the work horses for battling  internal and external toxins that protect your DNA and keep your immune system Healthy.

Bottom Line … antioxidants are DIFFERENT and SPECIFIC!  Taking the right ones in the right amounts will ADD WONDERFUL VALUE to your health in a variety of ways!!!

AND IT IS IMPORTANT TO READ LABELS … Telling you about and putting in antioxidants in a product is often a STRATEGY for GETTING YOU TO IGNORE the more harmful stuff such as sugars, salt, artificial sweeteners, MSG, saturated fats, stimulants, alcohol,and high amounts of caffeine that is actually in it along with those antioxidants!