BMR or BASAL METABOLIC RATE is the average number of calories your body uses to maintain it’s normal body functions.  Classic diets simply eat less than your BASAL METABOLIC RATE and you will burn fat to sustain yourself.  1 pound fat = 3600 calories!

Simply stated: Eat more calories than BMR … Gain weight, Eat Less than BMR … Lose weight.
BMR image


Problem #1: Eating less for long periods of time and your body will just adjust your BMR downward.  To continue to lose weight, you may be required to eat even less.

Athletes, who use a burn a lot of calories exercising, work to increase their BASAL METABOLIC RATE to allow them to consume enough calories to support their activity levels and recovery from exercise.  The higher the BMR, them more calories available for hard work.

Understand that your BASAL METABOLIC RATE is influenced by:

  • Age … as you age your BMR tends to slow down
  • Activity Levels … more active the faster
  • Lean Body Mass  … the more lean muscle the faster
  • Food Choices …  Based on:
    • Glycemic Index
    • Storage Potential
    • Usability
    • Nutritional Value
    • Fueling Value
    • BMR Impact

So … There are 10 major ways athletes influence their BASAL METABOLIC RATE to SPEED UP.

So … we have discussed 2:
1.     am fasting aerobics & pm aerobics after your last meal.
2.     Eating Complex Carbs for Breakfast!

We will discuss other 8 ways in the near future!