Common Triggers triggers

Chemical imbalances … Dopamine-related issues may be a trigger for binge eating.

Often these are build into our foods by the producers of our food to keep us purchasing their products … We actually are made addicted to certain foods with these dopamine related issues and they can often be triggered by caffeine, salt, sugar, fats and artificial sweeteners.  Lump in foods that cause you inflammation and block weigh loss in you personally (foods that effect you & not effect others) such as  soy, eggs, milk,fish,wheat,shellfish, tree nuts,peanuts, etcsalt-sugar-fat-mossfood-allergies-intolerance-food-allergies-triggers-and-reactions-600x500

Emotions … triggers most frequently reported were feeling bored, anxious, tense, and sad.
When our brains are to active, we use food to numb ourselves in an effort to slow down brain waves to make ourselves more comfortable.  Sometimes it is to simply get a full feeling when life is making ourselves feel empty!


Irregular eating.  Being overly hungry can also serve as a trigger to binge eating. Some who are not on a regular eating schedule (either through time constraints or purposeful dieting) try to satisfy their feelings of starvation with more calories than are necessary. Then, as a result of eating too many calories, they often put themselves on an overly strict diet and the cycle begins again.

If we are eating well timed smaller meals (every few hours) that have an adequate amount of low glycemic carbohydrate, a lean protein and require essential fatty acids, we are satiated and do not have blood sugar drops and spikes that trigger a binge eating or impulse eating of foods not on our plan!







Body image issues … unhealthy amount of pressure for a perfect body. There can also be overall low self-esteem. Each of these can cause excessive frustration and can trigger binge eating.

Keep it about the journey finding inner peace and happiness and not simply a physical result and this will be manageable.


Combination of factors   Sometimes, it is a combination of factors that can trigger binge eating. For example, a difficult work schedule may prevent a healthy eating schedule, causing someone to binge eat, followed by the feeling of depression.

What made this easy for me was the assistance of the nutritional plan that I and many of my friends use.  We call it nutritional cleansing and replenishment!  It makes getting into your self all the good stuff you require to meet your nutritional goals and getting all the bad stuff out that prevents it from happening!  Subconscious-Eating