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I “LIKE” taste or I “DON’T LIKE” is a Decision!

February 27, 2019

People allow different things to get in between them and their goals. These often present themselves a things that are paralyzing such as fear, guilt, unworthiness, hurt feeling, anger, doubt,self worth, pity me, why not, not meant to be, personal crisis, sadness, overwhelmed, hurt, objective truth, procrastination, or confusion. Sometimes they are expressed as a […]

Week 52 – Off Season … Re-evaluate your Bike

January 19, 2016

Re evaluate your bike: possible upgrades areas: maintenance Comfort performance   A.  Maintenance: shifter cables and drive train adjustments chain stretch causes wear: chain derailleur upper jockey pulley/ lower pulley idler pulley rear cassette wear crank wear 3.   brake pads detailed lubrication all moving parts drive train front derailleur rear derailleur jockey/idler pulleys on rear […]

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