Testimonials for Jim King

I met Jim at a progressive strength training class that he was teaching at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson NY. I had a “pear shape” and had been told all my life that it was genetic and that I could not change it. Jim told me I could and that it would take a couple years. Two years later, we had strengthened and broadened my back, slimmed my waist and narrowed my hips. Overall my lean muscle mass increased as my fat decreased. Jim has coached me in strength training, cycling, running and nutritional cleansing. With his assistance, I have the athletic physique, body fat %, power-to-fat ratio, health and athletic performance that I desire.

Lori King, Co-Founder CycleClubKingston, Entrepreneur, Health & Prosperity Coach, Cyclist, Athlete

Jim King has been a huge help and support to me in regards to my racing and training. He assisted me in areas of nutrition, stretching and strength training. He was my greatest supporter during my training for the 2008 Duathlon World Championships. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to take their sport to the next level!

Shannon Dawkins, Current National and World Duathlon Champion/Overall Champion

Jim King needs to be recognized as a guidance councilor, coach and mentor of the human body. I met Jim on a recommendation from friends for a winter bicycling class. The bike training provided by Jim taught me how the bike became a system with your body. It was through these training sessions that I got to know Jim better and was introduced to Isagenix. Jim’s knowledge of biking, health nutrition, physical anatomy and training made a phenomenal improvement in my health the conditioning and ultimate improvement in my biking.

Gary Basset, Cyclist, Engineering Manager at Hudson Solar

Jim is passionate about helping others. When he has worked with me he has a laser focus. We work until the problem has been solved. I struggled with many injuries and issues that without Jim’s help would not have overcome. Can’t say enough about what this man can do for people.

Alan Dawkins, Cyclist, Georgia State Champion

For over 10 years we have been personally encouraged and fitness challenged by the Gym King! And every step of the way has brought tears of laughter and that good fitness pain!

Jim King lives and breathes health and fitness. His zest for life and laughter is incorrigible! For over 10 years we have seen him in action, and he never stops pushing himself and his clients to be the very best!

Lee Kalish, President & CEO, Positive Feedback, LLC
Ellen Kalish, Officer, Ravensbeard Wildlife Center