My Story

not about losing weight2

In my   20’s, 30’s and even early 40’s, I stayed in shape by high impact workouts, avoiding starch carbs,  restrict sugar intake …  restrict, restrict, restrict worked and my body cooperated. My muscles were supple and my joints resilient. Building my bone density was natural and responsive, my hormones were cooperative. As I moved toward and past 50, you begin to deal with declining bone density, a losses of lean muscle mass, hormone shifts, and decline of soft tissue in your joints. Build up of toxins begin to overtake the bodies natural abilities to remove them. Oxidative stress from life’s Stress, from aging (shortening telemeres), and from working out becomes increasingly tough to stay ahead of. As if this is not enough, you must even consider the health consequences of your Family’s Health history.

I found myself working very hard, to avoid the health challenges that affected my family and 1 in 3 Afro Americans. I believed that I had things covered by riding my bike 130 miles weekly and eating what I considered to be a healthy diet.  I considered myself aerobically fit but slightly overweight, and believed that the issues were in control.   I was shocked to find myself in the ER and my Dr telling me, I required even more lifestyle changes. I was not experiencing the success that was easy when I was younger.

This was 5 years ago and my girlfriend and life partner Lori, now my wife, began losing weight with nutritional cleansing, and encouraged me to give it a try. I initially resisted, but these changes were in alignment with my doctor advice. So I began and have not looked back.

Within 90 days, I lost 31 pounds and 10 inches around my waist. I am and continue to maintain a lean 160 pounds with 12% body fat. My energy levels are high, throughout the day. I am the same weight and size I was when I was 27.  Being in the VA system, my lifetime health records are on file. My doctor tells me I have never been healthier. At 62 years old, I cannot remember feeling and looking this good. I am riding without suffering physical discomfort as a result. And, instead of riding at the back of a very elite group of cyclist, and getting dropped on every tough part of the ride, I am now a group leader, setting the pace, especially up difficult hills. I wake up without the achy joints that I used to blame on “getting old”. And if I am allowed to talk about libido, let me just say a young man has nothing on me!

I share this with everyone who will listen and feel blessed that I can pay this wonderful gift forward. It has made me an exceptional trainer, that can offer clients and friends that I advise, something other than a tedious eating plan of don’t, don’t, don’t … “sandwiched” (pun intended) together with a equally tedious work out designed to try to have them try and outrun their fork. There is no greater feeling for me than to assist someone changing their health and being the catalyst for their fitness dreams come to life. To regain the physique that that I always desired was amazing … to assist others in gaining their dream physique/life is a miracle. I feel so blessed!