Visualization:  I love visualization!  For me it is where the “RUBBER HITS THE ROAD.”  My Personal Pivotal Needs are True Health and Recognition for Creative Expression.  I have been planning a Group Gathering place in  my mind for 30 years and never got beyond a general idea of what I wanted.  Every time I began to expand it … I would box it back up keeping it in a box that I will label lame circumstance!  I did not ever let my DREAMS grow toward a reality because it always seemed too overwhelming … too big …too expensive … too much work … too many resources missing … too big … too much fear!

Sitting still 15 minutes daily to visualize a complex chain of events has bought much clarity into my life!  Scaling up has been a part of an engineering creative process.  The Definiteness of Purpose, the Blue Print Builder, Personal Pivotal Needs, Movie Trailer,  Press Release, Service Cards, Plan of Action Cards, my voice recording, Do it Now, I can be what I Will to be,  Law of Giving, I’m in the Flow, Guy in the Mirror, the colors/shapes … all are beginning to get a voice so loud it it drowns out FEAR … Drowns out LACK, It Drowns out CAN’T!

It’s a force welling up in my inner being that WILL be HEARD, for it shouts the LOUDEST … That is INVINCIBLE, for it stops at NOTHING … That I and the world deserves … because it is the purpose God commands of us!!!

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious,

and Happy!

I show subby this …


So that It produces this