No TV … this was a tough one …

I had to realize that I still tend to be a work-a-holic and have used TV to make myself sit down & rest.   If I am 2 tired or 2 run down, I can over-indulge, but during the day, it makes me stop and sit.

I have always believed that to maintain balance, we cannot get 2 (too).

2 angry, 2 depressed, 2 hungry, 2 lonely, 2 tired, 2 over-worked, 2 tense,
2 anxious, 2 unhappy, 2 tired, 2 stressed, 2 busy, 2 frustrated, 2 intense,
2 apathetic, 2 unsure of yourself, etc.

I fought to identification the 2-(too) behaviors that tend to derail my forward progress and sabotage my efforts.  I have worked to identify/develop different behaviors that help to maintain my forward progress, reinforce my goals and help maintain my momentum.

TV is something I use to RELAX!

My cycle is similar to this … It always begins with … 2 (too) TIRED

  • 2 tired … start feeling bad  … not as productive accomplishing goals
  • NEXT 2 obsessed with making lists … trying to feel better & accomplish more
  • NEXT 2 disappointed in accomplishments … Feel worse … lists grow
  • NEXT 2 obsessed with lists … stop connecting with people …
  • NEXT 2 lonely … feel depressed .. stop socializing
  • NEXT 2 depressed … I eventually get sick
  • NEXT 2 sick … excuse to rest
  • REST … fixes problem … I’m back!

So I started planning breaks to rest 1st step:

  • 2 tired … start feeling bad not as productive accomplishing goals

Then I do not have to do all those other behaviors.

MY stand by Plan … TV was a vehicle to rest … I Require a better vehicle!

15 years ago, living in NYC when I felt myself getting 2-tired, I would actually go to a multiplex theater and see 6 movies on same ticket & sleep through most of them … It was a mini 1 day vacation.

The answer is probably better planning of my days!  Planning rest period not dependent on TV!

Must work on that!