Week 5

I have been visualizing a health community for the last 25 years.  For many years, it involved a commercial facility with a large gym at it’s center, and several office spaces for medical and bodywork specialties that would serve an athletic community.  About 20 years ago I managed a large gym facility for 2 years.  I saw how easily you could get consumed dealing with financial, logistics, member and personal issues and how during these times, peoples welfare can become a lower and lower priority.

So that DREAM was removed from the table, and another form of it began to take shape.  Across time,I assembled a listing of the names within our wellness community with the best reputation for Wellness services and started a system of cross referrals.  We did not gather under one roof, but we gathered just the same.  This included services like  LMT massage therapist, ART Active Release Therapy, Muscle Therapy,  Active Release technique, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy, an Athletic Doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM),

An Athletic Doctor who is a General Practitioner, Orthopedic surgeons, and the best Knee replacement, hip replacement, and Physical Therapist in the area.  This cross referral network is amazing and met my original objectives without being a landlord.

I have linked up with the best nutritional system in the world and have watched it work wonders both personally (Lori & I) and professionally as a Certified Nutritionist!

I built a scaled down version of the gym of my dreams.  It has the basic equipment that supports the training I love to share with clients.  I goal now is to build a facility with the best equipment and allow it to support a larger group of members and a few other trainers.  This is a service, that I want to provide for free or minimal cost to those who are active within this community and are enthusiastically pursuing transformation as one of their life priorities.

I am currently getting what feels like a PHD in Success Mindset via MKMMA 2016.  It is re-teaching me everything I have believed in and now realized that I only delve into these topics superficially and only with my conscious mind.  Your subconscious mind accounts for 90% of your brain power and I have been allowing it to be a passive participant in my life!

I now realize that the key to this DREAM can manifest itself with slightly different and keep participants hopes and dream to the forefront very differently and yet similar from my original plans.WELLNESS TRIANGLE.jpg

I have studied with the best Athletes in the work, have achieve National and International excellence in competition and desire now to Pay this forward to others who have a passion for these wonderful tools that have served me so wonderfully in life.

Check out my PRESS RELEASE for my future self:

This is how it will feel!