Week 3

Thought for this week … I am learning to observe myself from the stand point of my day to day habits.  What do I do …  without question, without much thought, on a routine basis.  I am observing  everything, from the moment  I time I wake up to moment I go to sleep … and even observing my sleep habits …  so more 24/7.  What are the things I repeat without question and do automatically without even thinking.  These are my habits … what are the habit I have built?  Which ones support who I am & which ones support where I want to be (My Dreams)!   When everything is on the table, it is eye opening to see what you are doing.  It is easy to see what actions (habit) support your goals, and what habit take away!  What actions maintain my bliss … what actions steal my bliss!

I look am looking at what behaviors that are in the way of what I want vs what behaviors are moving me toward what I want.



Where ever you are at is 0.  what habit move you to a better place, what habits move you to a worse place … what habit keep you staying the same!

I am still at the observation phase and it is eye opening to look at me!  At his point, I am staying in observation mode (Santa Clause mode).  I am keeping a list & checking it twice … Deciding What is naughty or Nice!  I feel it is too early for judgments … and it is enough to notice!