Definition of commencement

1:  an act, instance, or time of commencing
2:    a beginning or start.

28 weeks ago I started my Masterkey Journey.
And after 28 weeks I have arrived at the Beginning!

In may Asian cultures within the Marshal Arts community a Black Belt is awarded to individuals who have mastered the basic movements and is now considered a Beginner ready to learn!


After 28 weeks … I am a beginner
because of my exposure
to many basic techniques!

I feel I am ready to learn to be a Master!

The act of Commencing is a very suitable term since I am brand new … an apprentice and beginner who has been given a Tool box full of new tools, new experiences, and many exercises to develop my ability to control and influence my:
Thoughts ↔Beliefs↔Feelings, which will dictate … my Actions that serve me and thus the world.  These Actions (many of which are simple DECISIONS …  will determine the Results (the ones that I desire) required to fulfill my True Purpose in Life!!!

My Journey now is to continue to study & become a Master!

28 weeks ago, I heard Find your Gift and then GIVE it away and I had no Idea what that mean and how great it feels!

28 weeks ago, I felt very thin skinned and easily Hurt by things that should not bother me!

28 weeks ago, I Saw Fear, Guilt, Unworthiness, Hurt Feelings, Anger diffferently!

28 weeks ago, doubt, self worth, pity me, why me not meant to be, personal crisis, sadness, overwhelm, objective truth, confusion would derailed me from time to time taking my eyes off of my goals.

28 weeks ago, I lived in gratitude, but did not fully see the wonders blessing me daily!

28 weeks ago, I lived in Kindness, but did not fully see the e Kindness all about me!

28 weeks ago, I exercised religiously with great habits, but did not do it to benefit  others with every rep!

28 weeks ago, I did not sit quietly every morning to observe and direct my mind.

28 weeks ago, I did not revisit past successes, conversations, and special moments to realize the greatness within and about me.

28 weeks ago, I did not fully understand the 4 tiny habits of success:

  • Definitive Major Purpose

  • Written Plan of Action

  • Positive Mental Habits

  • Masterminding

28 weeks ago I did not fully understand my relationship with my Personal Pivotal Needs.

28 weeks ago, I did not fully grasp the  Seven Laws of the Mind.

28 weeks ago, I did not understand how to employ the 7 different ways we learn to train my Brain.

28 weeks ago, I did not have a relationship with Mandino, Haanal, Ben Franklin, Emerson,  Napolian Hill, John Wooden, Emmett Fox, Dale Winbrow, Fink, the Masterkeys, Joe Cambell, the Hero’s Journey and so many more … and have both an appreciation for and an awareness of their brilliant thoughts on the power of the human mind!

And now after 28 weeks of exposure to all of these  great minds & philosophys  … I can’t wait to do this course again and see what I missed the first time around!!!

I want to thank Mark and Davene Januszewski, my guides … Jeanne and Dan Swiatkowski, my guides … Carl & Suzanne LaFlammme as well as all my masterminding buddies, for all that they did to further my journey and for seeing the vast potential in me!  A special thanks to my darling wife Lori Ann, who helped make this journey a so much more beautiful one!