Often we are asked a very simple question …

What do you want?

Often the reply is simple … a choice that can be made quickly without a lot of thought and many times, the answer can be given with little or no thought and little or no consequence for a wrong answer!

Little Risk, Not expensive, expendable, effortless and easily done over if it’s not to your liking or simply better luck next time!  NO Problem fixing if incorrect … Not time consuming, No requirement to be precise, accurate, or even correct!

If it is not to my liking … I’ll get it right next time or I’ll make another choice later!!



Much like a child

Remember sitting on Santa’s lap and when asked … What do you want for Christmas?

We often replied without thought … a doll or action figure … because what kid did not want one of those … A new bike because many kids often want a bike … or the last 3 really cool toys you saw on Television!

We were happy children …  living delightfully in discovery!  Every new store we went to,  we saw a new Santa and could even give him  an update!!!

WELL … WE ARE ALL STILL CHILDREN INSIDE WITH THE SAME INSTINCTS, DIFFICULTIES, AND RESPONSES TO ISSUES WE HAD AS CHILDREN!  However, we are more socialized. Although we get our feeling hurt the same exact way, we have learned to respond in a more socially acceptable manner!

Know Your Truth

Now, we get to be the child who can reply as the child described above or a more enlightened child.  One that is in-touch with their inner needs!  A child who knows their truth!

SEE this magical moment as an opportunity to get help making difficulties right and ask for the exact things that would make us happier, create ease and allow us a more inspired life!

In children terms … These children ask to do better in school (work) … to have nicer things (physical possessions) … to not go to bed hungry (or have more resources) … to have mommy and daddy not fight so much (loving relationships) … to spend more time with their parents (people they love)!  They ask for the ability to help others!

These children see the UNIVERSE as Santa’s lap.  These children FEEL it’s their BIG chance to get it RIGHT … FIND their TRUTH … Be more CONTENT, HAPPY, FULFILLED … MAKE BETTER CHOICES, Make their DREAMS COME TRUE!

Now this simple 4 word question becomes HUGE!!!

Not so much … WHAT DO YOU WANT?  What REALITY do you desire … WHAT ARE YOUR DREAMS?

Let’s ask a different way!


Asked this way … The answer now deserves a more deliberate RESPONSE!

What would FULFILL me?  What will make me Happiest?  What will fulfill my PASSIONS? What would I LOVE? What is BEST for me?  These are all great questions!  One’s that requires a truth that bubbles out of your heart and overflows onto others brightening everyone’s path!


Let’s look DEEPER!  What would serve me and the world around me BEST?

What do I love? What am I very passionate about?

What can I naturally do well, understand easily or can LEARN to do well?

What will benefit the WORLD …  make a difference?

Start by seeing yourself GRAND … like the UNIVERSE SEES YOU … Like God sees you!

Dream BIG! … Go ahead, Jump and LEARN to FLY on the way!



Define your inner BLISS and Follow your DREAMS conspiring with the UNIVERSE to make them come True!

Truly understand the Question … DECIDE: