I have been trying for years to connect the success that I had with athletics to the success that I want in business.


I culminated a wrestling career winning the UNITED STATES ARMY EUROPE WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS, coaching the V corps wrestling team and tying wrestler who won a the bronze medal at the Montreal Olympics!

After 13 years of powerlifting,  I won a National Title and set a National record in the Deadlift.   I put on 50 pounds of lean muscle mass.  I actually trained 7 years 5 times per week without missing a single work-out.  Overcame a serious back injury (2-year  set back) and knee surgery (1-year set back).

Each of these pursuits, I stated daily that I would achieve these results.  I did not say I want to win the Nationals, or I’m competing in the National, I stated very clearly that I will win the National and gave people an exact date!  Everyone would as How I knew and I would state … It’s my turn to win … nobody is better!

Every work out was proceeded by visualization, goals were written down, a plan was executed each time moving me closer to my goal.  I travel around the country working out with the absolute best lifters who have set themselves apart from the pack.

And I have done that with my business … But what I have just learned is there has been a missing piece.

I was able to emotionalize my pursuit of my Dreams in athletics.  Being a survivor of abuse, It was easy to call on the demons of anger and plug that into every rep, every workout, every lift.  I was fueled by rage and it showed as I was a beast in the gym and under the bar!

After 4 years of therapy almost 25 years ago, I forgave and let go of anger.  But I did not until recently attach any other emotion to anything!  I fell in love with my wife!  It has been easy to emotionalize that!  I fell in love with cycling … It has been easy to emotionalize my competitive spirit without fueling it with anger.  I feel in love with being as healthy as possible and combating metabolic syndrome and aging gracefully!

My main two goals have been to Age Gracefully and Build a Community to support these athletic and nutritional goals.  I have built it piece by piece, but built a scaled down version of my true Dreams.  Part of this has been to be a living testimony of this pursuit & I have emotionalized and done that portion well.

With Nutrition and Cycling, I own and utilize the very best man has to offer.  There has been no compromise!  I have to extend this mentality into all aspects of my business and life!

I also realize that i have not emotionalized the business pursuits.  It has been rationalized!  It has been built in a box with an attitude of what is possible within resource constraints and less about what do you want!  It has been logical, planned with little attachment to any of my bigger Dreams.  My new goal is to put more than a foot in the water.  I will dive in and swim thrilled with the challenge.  Build the same habits I use in the gym and on the road to the pursuit of my DREAMS!