I no longer will live my life as a “FAINTING GOAT”.

I will not allow external conditions to AFFECT ME in such a manner that I become rigid and lose focus on my PRIMARY OBJECTIVES and my ability to FULFILL my  DESTINY!

The UNIVERSE is showering all of us constantly with precious gifts because of a state of ABUNDANCE!

To put ourselves in the pathway of these gifts … we have to conspire with the universe to FOCUS on them, SEE them, ASK for them, RECEIVE them, show GRATITUDE for them and then most importantly GIVE them away!

Your Focus on these gifts and your ability to MANIFEST them is based on our FAITH, driven by our BELIEFS, THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, and diligent, consistent ACTIONS.  Do this within the LAWS of ATTRACTION!


MKMMA is about the tools we use to stay in this place of FAITH!

FAITH is a complete trust or confidence in Someone, Something, GOD, or Doctrines of a religion based on spiritual understanding rather than proof.

Through simple exercise performed daily, we learn to harness the POWER of our THOUGHTS both conscious and subconscious.

We learn how to HARNESS these amazing SUPER POWERS and recognize that they can be used for VALUE-ADDING or NON-VALUE ADDING purposes!

We see NON-VALUE ADDING behaviors as FAINTING moments and recognize them as the ENEMIES of FAITH and DREAM STEALERS:

  • FEAR or a feeling of fear or anxiety that something bad or unpleasant will happen!
  • DOUBT or a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction!
  • SELF WORTH or a feeling you do not have and show the qualities or abilities that merit recognition in a specified way!
  • PITY ME or a feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by suffering and misfortunes!
  • WHY ME or feeling of circumstances you don’t understand the reason for!
  • NOT MEANT TO BE or a feeling that things did not work out as intended!
  • PERSONAL CRISIS or intense feeling of difficulty, trouble, or danger and a time when a difficult or important decision must be made!
  • OVERWHELMED or feelings of defeat, overpowered, or overcome!
  • HURT or a feeling of physical or emotionally in pain or injured!
  • OBJECTIVE TRUTH or a feeling of a truth for people of all cultures, times, etc., even if they do not know it or recognize it to be true … how things really are!
  • CONFUSION or unable to think clearly; bewildered.

These are all challenges that MKMMA is teaching us on to manage our non-constructive thoughts and feelings which will interfere with our bliss, and our ability to receive these gifts.  And even bigger is to keep us from employing our 24/7 subconscious to conspire with the universe to make our DREAMS COME TRUE!  We have been given specific tools that allow us to prevail over these conditions and in fact, create the mental conditions we desire to MANIFEST our DREAMS!

These tools are specifically aimed at DIRECTING our THOUGHTS and FEELINGS, BELIEFS, and resulting ACTIONS.  And this allows us to stay POWERFUL, CONSTRUCTIVE, and POSITIVE and LIMIT or even ELIMINATE our breaches of faith.  These breaches of faith or NEGATIVE NON-VALUE ADDING  … THOUGHTS, BELIEFS, and ACTIONS steal our desired RESULTS.  Staying in faith develops POSITIVE VALUE ADDING THOUGHTS, BELIEFS, and ACTIONS, allowing us to conspire with the universe to MANIFEST  our desired RESULTS.

Our protection is our basic tools given to us during MKMMA where we learn to TRAIN our Brain to work for us, like MENTAL EXERCISES done in a MENTAL GYM!   These are our basic tools that we have been given and have had the privilege of being able to do!

  • Blue Print Builder
  • Do it Now!
  • I can be what I will to be!
  • The Master Keys
  • Our DMP
  • Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman
  • The Guy in the Mirror
  • Plan of Action cards
  • Service Cards
  • Sit as Directed
  • Franklin Makeover
  • 7 Laws of the Mind
  • Emerson
  • Press Release
  • Movie Trailer
  • Shapes

I will no longer live any aspect of my life as a FAINTING GOAT!