Age old question:   If a tree falls in the woods … and no one hears it … Does it make a sound?


Now, Ponder this!!!

If the Universe has a message  … and no one hears it … is there a Message.


I believe that the universe only exists by speaking through us …. and consciously exists because we do … again by speaking through us!!!
Its message only becomes clear as it passes through us onto others!

We are the gateways, we are the passageway!


We are all learning the skills that we must master that are time tested, clear, and full of wonderful life-changing information on how we can collaborate with the Universe to create momentous wonders.

These messages are relayed to all of us … through all of us and we are the conduit … and it flows much like an electrical current.


Electricity is an unseen entity, but it exists, even pumped into our homes … but if we don’t plug into it … it is of no use and its very existence can go unobserved!

One might even ask … If current is in the wall and nothing ever gets plugged in … does it even exist? 

Or does it exist only when actively used?


Imagine a wall socket … this wall socket is a gateway and through it flows an amazing energy capable of powering amazing things!


Imagine a plastic child safety plug in the socket … the current is blocked, and cannot flow to perform its wonders. The energy that can do amazing things lies dormant. An observer might even question if there is indeed useful power on the other side.


Now imagine the flow that takes place with a wonderful superconductive copper plug!  Current flows freely and is used to power up things that perform amazing useful tasks to everyone’s delight!

It’s the same with the power of the Universe (often in the form of creative thoughts).

We have two choices:

  1. We can be like the plastic safety plug, blocking the flow of collaborative power, and in the process, block the blessings that would benefit us and overflow to others,
  2. We can be like the copper plug and conduct this wonderful blessed current or collaborative power, allowing our light to shine, and lighting the path for others!

The perfect conduits or copper plugs can be analogous to any of the recognized great teachers … Jesus,  Allah, Gandhi, Buda, and the Dali Lama… that demonstrated super belief, super faith, super understanding and gave up of their lives for the betterment of others.

That same copper glimmer can be seen in the likes of Tony Robins, Og Mandino, Eckhart Tolle, Les Brown, Mark & Davene Januzewski, and so many other that dedicate their lives to create wonder in the lives of other people.

These are all inspired, great copper conduits that reach out to all of us within the sound of their voices, webcasts, on the pages of their books or on their DVD’s.

But the most significant conduits are You & I.

We the people that live an inspired life, allowing the current to flow through us, lighting up the world as an ordinary person who has made a decision to live an extraordinary life!  It is our light that can be seen day to day as inspiration to people just like us that they too can choose and achieve an inspired life!

We are the big shiny copper plugs that do deliver the juice or power of the universe to those that see us and relate to us!

We are all born copper & most of us begin to turn to plastic, beaten down by our life lessons & experiences.  We rise, determined to return to copper offering ourselves up to the power of the universe and its message of greatness originally birthed within us.


Like so many times in life, greatness is not born of a giant extraordinary event, but born of simple events repeated and repeated until they are mastered and perfected!


We were given 5 simple repeatable tasks to return and remain a copper plug:

  1. Express GRATITUDE for everything in our lives.
  2. Observe and demonstrate KINDNESS!
  4. Relive NICE MOMENTS
  5. SIT as directed

and the gift we were all promised for doing that …

Building a “HAPPINESS”  consciousness!

In the process, we learn and build the ability to harness the collaborative power of the universe. We put to work our subconscious mind to produce and magnify the limitless greatness within each of us to manifest our collective greatness. By shining our light, we light the way for so many others to do the same!