The Movie … Door to Door

Persistence and Patience defined this movie!

This was a story of a physically challenged person overcoming his very obvious difficulties to be successful.  His challenges were not subtle.  They were big … big physical difficulties, easily seen and easily described.  He had the task is meeting people, getting them to trust and like him, and the task of changing what day to day items they were buying and using in their homes to using the brands he recommended and buying them from him!

He had to do this with slurred speech, easily seen physical mobility handicaps and the logistical nightmare of delivering product that he could not even carry and rely on public transportation.  He had extreme difficulties at every turn and the film mostly focused on overcoming the physical handicaps, and winning over people both in his company supporting him as well as his customers and we watch as he managed each of these one by one.

But the amazing part was how he managed to overcome the same difficulties that can make us all handicapped.  Our self imposed mental difficulties.  Our sensitivities, our beliefs about success, the reactions to people who put obstacles in our way, our self confidence, our ability to love the people we serve and take care of them!  In the movie his biggest obstacles were the ones he put in front of himself!  Not using a computer, refusals to accept help, need to prove himself physically capable.

You could see he had a (DMP) Defining Major Purpose … to support himself as a successful salesman.  What sustained him throughout his journey was a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).  He had a Plan of Action and was persistent with his pursue of clients.  And wonderfully won over a support team by using Master Mind Alliance … People who believed in him and what his pursues were!

These principles where challenged throughout the movie, but conquered through persistence and patience!


What ever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!