Hearing the assignment to read my 1 sentence DMP out loud … FOR 50 MINUTES … caused me a momentary pause!  Well what ever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!  Then as I heard the build up I began to believe that this would be painfully difficult!

Every assignment so far has been extremely rewarding and regardless of the difficulty so beneficial.  None had been served up as if there was a possibility that I might not do it!

Do it Now!
Life defining Moment!
Am I willing to engage in my new Reality?
Make the Decision now to be willing!
Raise your hand if you are willing to do this!
Does this moment define you or do You define this Moment?

I stood in front of my mirror, taped my 1 sentence DMP onto it and prepared for a painful assault.  Don’t know what I expected as I started the timer on my cell phone … but it was probably going to be a long labored struggle!

I get pleasure every time I have read this 1 sentence DMP!  It was a clear concise statement of my truth!  It defined me.

I began reading, re reading, re reading, re reading and something wonderful began to happen.  Within the first 15 minute I began reading it slightly different that the writing in front of me.  It felt more amazing!  I picked up a pen and quickly changed it!  It felt so much better!

I read for about another 15 minutes and again I began reading it slightly different a second time.  I took my pen and changed it ever so slightly again … It felt amazing!  I continued reading it!

I was reading it with joy in my heart.  Images of my new reality lite up my brain with each word.  I was rejoicing reading it over and over again.  Out of nowhere my phone timer signaled 50 minutes and I was slightly disappointed and read it for a little while longer just for me!

What was promised was a LIFE DEFINING MOMENT … What was delivered was a LIFE DEFINING MOMENT!

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy!