Discover my God given purpose to identify my core values and gifts, by define my vision, pursue my Passions and Live Life on Purpose!

This is Hard … This is so much work … This is so difficult … I can’t keep up … I’m struggling …

We have the ability to decide exactly How WE CHOSE to experience this course!  And I could chose to experience it all of those ways.


I have lived my life in a box defined by circumstance, always knowing what I was expected to do … to get expected results.  My boss/family/friends expected certain behaviors and I did them because that was expected of me!  Yet it did not yield the results that I wanted and it was not my truth!  It was routine to do … I did not require much outside input, it was comfortable, yet it did not fulfill me and my hopes, desires, or dreams that I secretly wished for myself!

I settled for what I was given by circumstance and was grateful that I could live well, yet unfulfilled and afraid to acknowledge or express my truth out loud, much less reach for it!

Now along comes MKMMA 2016, a course I chose as a vehicle to establish my truth with laser certainty and accuracy, gain the required skills and mental attitude to see it, define it, and become empowered to conspire with the universe to live it!

Yes it is a lot of work …

Sometimes it is difficult …

Sometimes I struggle to keep up…

Sometimes I struggle to do what I committed to do …

But here is the key, I have the PRIVILEGE to do this!  I am BLESSED to do this! I WANT a life filled with my purpose.  I want to live my truth.  I want to fulfill my Chazown (Hebrew, meaning a dream, revelation, or vision).  This is an inspired life, a better life and I get to do it!

This hard, this work, this difficulty, this struggle (if you want to define it that way) is a blessing … and I GET to do it to BECOME a better me and the me I DESERVE to be!  I GET to fulfill my destiny!

I am PRIVILEGED to take this journey.  I am the proud person I desire to be and am destined to be!

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy that I have been BLESSED with this opportunity.  And of all people, I GET to do this!