Week one is all about catching my stride. Finding the pace.  Like so many other undertakings, it has begun with discomfort.  I am having to rearranging a very busy life to accommodate this new commitment.   Each and every item feels a little foreign, but every part of screams yes and it making me rethink about how I am, who I am, and what do I want and very specifically.  I have been working on self development most of my adult life.  In just this first week, I am beginning to understand that most of my work has been on my conscience mind, and I have somehow left my subconscious mind behind, scared and afraid and not step up for the success that I desire!  My conscious mind has asked for stuff that I enjoy and is meaningful in my life and as each one is acquired, a new one develops on the list!!  Though meaningful, it has been a wonderful distraction to asking for and getting what will really make me happy!  It is almost like my conscious mind has been keeping me working very hard and has kept me very distracted so that my sub conscious mind will not be sad or have pain because it has been in fact settling.  It settles by always asking for what what I feel is attainable and not opening up to the possibilities of what would really make me happy.  Being open is a playing field that is infinite and learning how to develop the resources to make it happen is what life is about.  By resources, I am talking about what I must become to attract, who and what I require to learn, grow, morph into, and very importantly how I must think to take the place in this world that I desire and live up to who I am destined to be!  My conscious mind is powerful and I have accomplished many wonderful things … I am realizing that my sub conscious mind is not in concert and is the true giant within that must be awakened.  Masterkey is an extraordinary tool that WILL awaken this sleeping giant within!