It is Time to reach my full potential.  25 years ago, I left corporate America determine to regain my deteriorating health and make me a priority.  I picked two things that I was most passionate about, Photography and training with weight, and decided that I could make a living doing that!   The problem was that I decided in order to do that, I would have to live a minimal life to limit the possibility of economic failure.  These were my BELIEFS and THOUGHTS, based on FEAR (a dreadful life stealing emotion), and all of my ACTIONS supported these BELIEFS and THOUGHTS. The RESULTS were a minimalist lifestyle with limited DREAMS and EXPECTATIONS!  I realize that I have created SCALED DOWN Dreams.  They tend to be adequate, but never something to get excited about.  Remove emotion from then and you are not giving the CREATIVE UNIVERSE much to work with.  It becomes a convenient HABIT that leaves you making choices that are OK with you and not choices that feed your soul!  I’m learning to ask … “WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH A STIPULATION … WHAT’S BEST FOR ME BASED ON WHAT I COULD AFFORD? … In a very different way.  The questions more becomes … “IF COST WERE NOT A CONSIDERATION, WHAT WOULD MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE?”  These questions are lead and are leading me to very different answers.  One asks What do you want based on what is in your pockets and the other asks What do you want and let’s expand you pockets to have it?  I LOVE THIS NEW ME AND IT’S OUTLOOK … IT FEELS AMAZING!