23 weeks ago we were given the a task of defining our Definite Chief Aims in life.  I chose to represent mine within the categories  of “True Health” and “Recognition of for Creative Expression”. These goals were to be things that helped me define my “Truth” or my Definite Major Purpose!  Additionally, we were asked to display 4 of these items and represent each of them with a shape and a color.


For me …the Red Circle represented a goal to be 163 lbs or less by my 65th birthday, March 12th and 12% body fat. What is the significance of those numbers you might ask? … When I was in my early 20’s and in the best shape of my life, I was a coach of one of the All Army Teams in Europe, while I was stationed in Germany with the Military.  It was clearly a time when I was in peek physical condition.

40 years ago, I was a player coach and wrestled in the 163 pound weight class on team USA.  I maintained that weight (165) without dieting, and found this to be my ideal power to weight ratio.  This means I was the combination of fastest, strongest and lightest that I could be without losing any strength.

A big accomplishment for me at the time was to wrestle the premier wrestler for the German National team fresh off of him winning a bronze medal at the Montreal Olympics.  He actually challenged me at a seminar and training I was running in front of all the top wrestlers and coaches on the latest wrestling trends from the USA.
He did not agree with what I was teaching and in the middle of my class, he cut me off standing up and declaring … (with a very heavy European accent … “IT WON’T WORK … I WANT TO WRESTLE YOU”.  Almost frozen with fear … I declined and stated there was no time.  He insisted defiantly, and a top German official stood up and stated … Jim, we would love to see you both wrestle and I am a International Wrestling Official and can  officiate.   Swallowing my FEAR … I decided within seconds, that I had nothing to lose as everyone expected him to beat me.  I determined that I was in the power position and actually have everything to gain just by showing up … so I agreed.  I took him down 4 times with the new technique I was teaching and at the end of the match we were tied.  He gathered his belongings and stormed out of the gym humiliated.  After that, I was a HERO in Germany’s wrestling world and treated prestigiously within the wrestling community after that!

Proving the old adage … “To Be the man … You got to Beat the man” …  and in this case … A tie was as good as a win!!!

So 23 weeks ago I decided to give myself this gift of fitness for my 65th Birthday and in the process feel just as empowered.

1 Goal Down … 3 to Go!

To celebrate this achievement … I punctuated with another first …

My first Muscle up!

Go Jimmie … It’s your Birthday …