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Week 11 Writing My DMP

December 8, 2016

About 11 weeks ago I was asked to write my Definiteness of Purpose (DMP) in 400 words or less! You would think that this should just roll out of your mouth in one succinct statement, especially if that person, like me, has been on this earth 64 years.  That’s a long time to focus on […]

Week 10 My Chazon

November 30, 2016

I GET TO LIVE MY CHAZOWN! Discover my God given purpose to identify my core values and gifts, by define my vision, pursue my Passions and Live Life on Purpose! This is Hard … This is so much work … This is so difficult … I can’t keep up … I’m struggling … We have […]

Week 9 Visualization

November 24, 2016

  Visualization:  I love visualization!  For me it is where the “RUBBER HITS THE ROAD.”  My Personal Pivotal Needs are True Health and Recognition for Creative Expression.  I have been planning a Group Gathering place in  my mind for 30 years and never got beyond a general idea of what I wanted.  Every time I […]

Week 8 No TV

November 18, 2016

No TV … this was a tough one … I had to realize that I still tend to be a work-a-holic and have used TV to make myself sit down & rest.   If I am 2 tired or 2 run down, I can over-indulge, but during the day, it makes me stop and sit. I […]

Week 7 No Opinions

November 14, 2016

Well having survived the 2 weeks before a major election with not expressing an opinion was very interesting. Observations: There was a feeling of ease in not having to express an opinion to people that agreed with me to show support or people who disagree with me as a way of controlling their different thoughts, […]

Week 6 Seeing Shapes

November 7, 2016

Week 6 … Things are beginning to gel and for the first time I am seeing shapes.  What did it was… Finishing my Movie Poster. Then connecting it to the Master Key shapes.  This somehow made it gel in my mind!   Prior to today I was having difficulty seeing shapes.  They were there from […]

Week 5 Defining your Dream

October 28, 2016

Week 5 I have been visualizing a health community for the last 25 years.  For many years, it involved a commercial facility with a large gym at it’s center, and several office spaces for medical and bodywork specialties that would serve an athletic community.  About 20 years ago I managed a large gym facility for […]

WEEK 4 Time to Soar

October 21, 2016

TIME TO SOAR! It is Time to reach my full potential.  25 years ago, I left corporate America determine to regain my deteriorating health and make me a priority.  I picked two things that I was most passionate about, Photography and training with weight, and decided that I could make a living doing that!   […]

Week 3 Seeing Trends

October 13, 2016

Week 3 Thought for this week … I am learning to observe myself from the stand point of my day to day habits.  What do I do …  without question, without much thought, on a routine basis.  I am observing  everything, from the moment  I time I wake up to moment I go to sleep […]

Week 2 Connecting with Success

I have been trying for years to connect the success that I had with athletics to the success that I want in business. Athletically: I culminated a wrestling career winning the UNITED STATES ARMY EUROPE WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS, coaching the V corps wrestling team and tying wrestler who won a the bronze medal at the Montreal […]

Week 1b Finding my Pace

September 30, 2016

Week one is all about catching my stride. Finding the pace.  Like so many other undertakings, it has begun with discomfort.  I am having to rearranging a very busy life to accommodate this new commitment.   Each and every item feels a little foreign, but every part of screams yes and it making me rethink […]