Week 1b Finding my Pace

September 30, 2016

Week one is all about catching my stride. Finding the pace.  Like so many other undertakings, it has begun with discomfort.  I am having to rearranging a very busy life to accommodate this new commitment.   Each and every item feels a little foreign, but every part of screams yes and it making me rethink […]

Week 52 – Off Season … Re-evaluate your Bike

January 19, 2016

Re evaluate your bike: possible upgrades areas: maintenance Comfort performance   A.  Maintenance: shifter cables and drive train adjustments chain stretch causes wear: chain derailleur upper jockey pulley/ lower pulley idler pulley rear cassette wear crank wear 3.   brake pads detailed lubrication all moving parts drive train front derailleur rear derailleur jockey/idler pulleys on rear […]

Week 51 – Are all Antioxidants the same?

January 17, 2016

Are all Antioxidants the same? Big buzz word in the fitness industry has become ANTIOXIDANTS! Manufacturers put a few vitamins in somthing and sell you on it;s antioxidant capabilities! You might think that they are all the same …  Everyone is using this from vitamin sales to juices to be the magic bullet!  But what […]

Week 50 – CeramicSpeed’s Oversized Ceramic Pulley System

January 11, 2016

 CeramicSpeed’s dedication to reducing bearing friction has taken a big new step in the friction-free direction. It is their Oversized Ceramic Pulley Wheel System for Shimano derailleurs. It will work with all 11- and 10-Speed Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra derailleurs, both mechanical and Di2. Rather than accept the industry dictating the size of derailleur pulleys, […]