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Week 65 Is this DECISION Helping or Hurting the Future me?
We are all a products of our HABITS. Your THOUGHTS are influenced by and influence your BELIEFS. Your BELIEFS are[...]
Week 64 Building the Habit … Eating CRAPPY Food isn’t a REWARD!
Last week blog featured the Statement ... http://jimmiedking.com/wellness/week-63-building-habit-dont-eat/ It is a statement designed to take a personal stand, particularly in[...]
Week 63 Building the HABIT of I Don’t Eat That!
First, set a written Health and wellness GOAL. On a 1-10 where 1 is not at all important and 10[...]
Week 25 … Commencement
Definition of commencement 1:  an act, instance, or time of commencing 2:    a beginning or start. 28 weeks ago I started my[...]
Week 23 … Replacing an accomplished Life Goal!
Last week I was so proud to have accomplished a Definite Chief Aim in Life! That's right ... I nailed[...]
Week 22a … Securing a Definite Chief Aim in Life!
23 weeks ago we were given the a task of defining our Definite Chief Aims in life.  I chose to[...]

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